Interview with Adam French

I’ve been a fan of Adam French since I heard ‘Ivory’ on a Spotify playlist and have loved every song he’s put out. Since the last time I spoke to Adam he’s toured the UK, played shows in the US and released new music. He never seems to stop, but I caught up with Adam before his show in Oxford, we spoke about his latest EP, his recent trip to America and what’s next for him.

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New Faces Tour @ The Bullingdon, Oxford – 28/4/16

The New Faces Tour has always brought together a group of insanely talented musicians and this year was no different. Adam French, Matt Woods, The Beach and Rukhsana Merrise all put on a brilliant show and being able to see them all together was brilliant. These guys are certainly going to get bigger and I recommend trying to see all of them live while they are still playing intimate gigs like this one.

Matt Woods started off the night beautifully, I fell in love with his voice from the first song and found it impossible to look away. Each and every song was delivered with emotion and meaning, including a stunning cover of ‘Hey Ya’ that was out of this world. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for new music and highly recommend catching him live – try not to shed a tear while he’s up there though.

I’d not heard of Rukhsana Merrise before, but she was fantastic. She had a brilliant energy on stage that had people bobbing along happily. I really loved her set, I thought she was different from everyone else and brought her own special energy to the stage that was just infectious. This is undoubtedly someone that you need to check out, below is her cover of The Weeknd’s ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’.

I’ve been a fan of Adam French for a while now, but this was the first time I saw him live and it did not disappoint. There is always something magical about seeing a song being performed rather than listening to a recording or watching a video, and there was definitely that feeling with these songs. The intimate setting made the songs feel even more beautiful and emotive and as usual seeing them live made me love Adam French even more. If you get the chance to see him live then I highly recommend it – it’s not a performance you want to miss.

The night ended just as brilliantly as it started. The Beach were last to play and it was hard not to dance along to these catchy songs. There was a brilliant energy in the room as these guys closed the night. The Beach will be playing at Reading and Leeds festival this year and I highly recommend getting down to see him play.


To see more photos from the show take a look at my Instagram and check out the YouTube channel for more live videos.

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Interview with Adam French

I heard ‘Ivory’ on Spotify sometime last year and since that moment I’ve been a fan of Adam French. His music is brilliant – you’ll be singing along in no time. With a headline UK tour coming up next year and two new songs available now it’s a perfect time to start listening to his music. After battling with technology, and after a long night in the studio, Adam took the time to talk to me about his experience in Africa, the inspiration behind his writing and his upcoming UK tour.

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