The Neighbourhood release EP ‘Hard’ | Review

In true The Neighbourhood fashion, the band have dropped a surprise EP ‘Hard’. This 5 track EP is the first release since their sophomore album ‘Wiped Out!’ and has been a long time coming. The Neighbourhood continue to develop their sound in unexpected ways, with the lyrics dealing with issues of fame following the success of ‘Sweater Weather’ and staying true to one’s self.

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Fiction Act – Everywhere

London alt-rock band Everywhere recently released their second EP ‘Fiction Act’ following the success of their acclaimed track ‘Some Other Dude’. This EP saw them travelling to Stockholm, Los Angeles and London to work with various producers, including American hit-maker Mark Needham (The 1975, The Killers). ‘Fiction Act’ is an EP that fits beautifully into the sound of the Alt charts at the moment and I loved every second of it.

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Intertwined – dodie

Youtuber Dodie Clark has recently released her debut EP ‘Intertwined’, featuring some well-loved classics from her channel as well as a few new tunes. I hadn’t heard Dodie Clark’s music before University, where my friend wouldn’t stop playing her. I have fallen in love with these soft, intimate songs and highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of ‘Intertwined’.

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Glass Foundations – Karma Catalyst

You may recognise this band from BBC Introducing. I caught Glass Foundations opening for Hands Like Houses in Southampton earlier this month and was blown away. I loved the show, I loved the songs and I love this band. This is their debut EP ‘Karma Catalyst’, out today – make sure you give it a listen and go download.

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Change of Heart – no rehearsal

no rehearsal combine elements of blues, indie and pop rock. Their versatile style isn’t contained by genre, instead drawing from their numerous influences to create songs that can’t really be classified as one genre. The trio from Houston, TX, consists of Matthew Cobb, Christian Mireles, and David Shorey. The EP ‘Change Of Heart’ captures the feel of the band perfectly and won me over straight away.

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One – The Never Ending

Just hours after listening to The Never Ending for the first time (actually it started with Debby Ryan’s cover of Sweater Weather, which rocks by the way) a review of the debut EP ‘One’ was requested over twitter. I really like this EP, you get to hear the diversity of the band’s sound. This is a journey and has you captivated from beginning to end, each song connected by the beautiful voice of Debby Ryan.

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Waterparks release debut EP ‘Cluster’

‘Cluster’ is the first EP from pop-punk band Waterparks to be released via a record label. I heard about them through Mikey Way, from Electric Century and formerly of My Chemical Romance, who played bass on the EP. I’m just glad I decided to check these guys from Houston out – this 5 track EP sees a return to the ‘classic’ pop-punk sound.

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MAX – Wrong

I’ve loved MAX ever since I stumbled across his cover of ‘How to Save a Life’ years ago. It’s been an amazing ride and it feels like he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. This 23-year-old is the complete package; model, actor, dancer and singer. ‘Wrong’ is the second EP he’s released since signing to DCD2 – which is officially my favourite record label, and this EP is just as brilliant as the first.   Continue reading “MAX – Wrong”

Christmas Jambz – Dallon Weekes

Now that it’s December we can bring out our Christmas trees and awful jumpers and get in the Christmas spirit. If there’s one thing that really makes it feel like Christmas it’s Christmas songs – so in the spirit of giving I share with you my favourite Christmas songs right now. ‘Christmas Jambz’ by Dallon Weekes is a two track masterpiece that will undoubtedly make you smile this holiday season.

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