Set It Off release video for new single ‘Uncontainable’

Set It Off have dropped a smashing video for their latest single ‘Uncontainable’. The orchestral pop rock group released their sophomore album ‘Duality’ back in 2014 and new music has been highly anticipated, their signature cinematic sound is back and stronger than ever. I’m already in love with this song.

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Interview with Picturesque

It took me about 10 seconds to fall in love with this 5-piece rock band. ‘Speak Softly’ jumps so quickly into the music that I nearly fell off my chair, but it grabbed my attention and kept it. The band are touring with Secrets, Palisades and Too Close To Touch later this month and took the time to answer some of my questions.

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Waterparks release debut EP ‘Cluster’

‘Cluster’ is the first EP from pop-punk band Waterparks to be released via a record label. I heard about them through Mikey Way, from Electric Century and formerly of My Chemical Romance, who played bass on the EP. I’m just glad I decided to check these guys from Houston out – this 5 track EP sees a return to the ‘classic’ pop-punk sound.

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