ELECTRIC REVOLUTION Release New Album ‘Burn it Down’ | Review

70s blues based heavy hard rock and roll band Electric Revolution release their new album ‘Burn it down’. For those that love bands such as AC/DC, Aerosmith and Guns ‘n’ Roses this new album will really tickle your fancy.

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CLEOPATRICK release new single ‘sanjake’ | Review

When you’re going through literally hundreds of submissions desperate for you to listen to their latest song, it takes some doing to stand out. cleopatrick did just that. Their band name alone had me desperately hoping that they made good music and I was not disappointed.

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Palisades – Palisades

Palisades’ self-titled album is a promising gift to the world of alternative rock. Seamlessly blending aspects from all styles of music, this album jumps from the electronic style that Palisades have come to be associated with, to heavy rock similar to Bring Me The Horizon, to pop-rock that is not unlike All Time Low. The album showcases everything this band has to offer – and it is a lot.

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Interview with I Prevail

It’s hard to believe that I Prevail only have one EP under their belts, but the band shot to fame after posting a cover of ‘Blank Space’ which was featured on Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6. Their EP ‘Heart vs Mind’ was incredible and lead singer, Brian Burkheiser, took the time to answer my questions. We spoke about their debut album, their upcoming tour and how the band first started.

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