DEATH BY SHOTGUN rock The Wave Maiden | Live Review – 12/4/19

Death By Shotgun are the best thing to have come out of this site; a surprise set at a gig two years ago had me obsessed with this pop-punk band. Their small show at The Wave Maiden was intimate and bursting with energy.

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Filth – Day In Day Out

Trio ‘Filth’ are releasing their EP ‘Day In Day Out’ September 20th. The Oxford-based band combine alt-rock quirkiness with high-octane indie vibes, creating a perfect storm of brilliant, catchy music. As the band explained in our interview, ‘Day In Day Out’ explores our every day ordinary life and as such this is an EP for every day ordinary people.

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Interview with Filth

Three friends from Oxford make the alternative indie trio ‘Filth’. The band are releasing their brilliant EP ‘Day In Day Out’ September 21st. Perfect for fans of Arctic Monkeys, these boys are ready to make their mark. Filth spoke to us about their new EP, BBC Introducing and Apple Crumble.

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Interview with no rehearsal

no rehearsal are a three-piece indie-rock (and blues and pop) band from Houston, Texas. After listening to their EP’s and loving them, I couldn’t wait to talk to them. Singer Matthew Cobb and bass player Christian Mireles took the time to chat before a show. We spoke about their inspiration, fondest music memories and their hopes for the future.

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Change of Heart – no rehearsal

no rehearsal combine elements of blues, indie and pop rock. Their versatile style isn’t contained by genre, instead drawing from their numerous influences to create songs that can’t really be classified as one genre. The trio from Houston, TX, consists of Matthew Cobb, Christian Mireles, and David Shorey. The EP ‘Change Of Heart’ captures the feel of the band perfectly and won me over straight away.

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The Pugilist – Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson is an alternative musician, visual artist and poet. His personality shines through in each and every one of his artistic endeavours, be it classical music, a verse of poetry or his haunting lyrics. Henson suffers from anxiety and as a result rarely plays shows, but ‘The Pugilist’ is yet another reminder that there’s more brilliance to come.

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Chef’Special release new music video

Chef’Special have released a music video for their new feel-good song ‘Amígo’ from their forthcoming album. The video was filmed by Reel Bear Media on twenty one pilots’ Emotional Roadshow Tour. Take a peek into life on the road in the video below.

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Introducing Finding Miranda

Finding Miranda is an indie pop-rock quartet that formed in 2012. The band, consisting of Chay Appleyard (lead vocals, acoustic guitars), Lee Tallon (lead guitar), Jimmy Sallows (bass guitar) and Tony Buckley (drums), have since released EP’s and have played venues across Essex, Suffolk and London.

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Kaleo release new music video for ‘Way Down We Go’

Kaleo have released a new music video for ‘Way Down We Go’, the band from Iceland are set to release their debut album, A/B, June 10th, and will be playing their first sold out UK show in London, July 12th.

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One – The Never Ending

Just hours after listening to The Never Ending for the first time (actually it started with Debby Ryan’s cover of Sweater Weather, which rocks by the way) a review of the debut EP ‘One’ was requested over twitter. I really like this EP, you get to hear the diversity of the band’s sound. This is a journey and has you captivated from beginning to end, each song connected by the beautiful voice of Debby Ryan.

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