Interview with Threatpoint

Threatpoint is a groove metal band based in Pennsylvania. The four piece band formed in early 2012, now they have three full length albums and have played hundred of shows across the US. Threatpoint talked about coming together, their love of music and the difficulties in live performances.

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This Is Goodbye – Imminence

Imminence return with their latest single ‘This Is Goodbye’, with the release of this single came the announcement of their album of the same name coming in March.  This lead single definitely promises a brilliant album.

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Interview with Maxdmyz

Maxdmyz are a five-piece metal band based in London. The band are well established on the UK scene, having built up a reputation for brilliant live performances and innovative and original alternative metal. They took the time to answer some of my questions; we spoke about dream tours, future goals and their influences.

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