Of VIRTUE Releases Their New Album ‘ What Defines You’

This up and coming Michigan metal band are making waves in the states with the release of their newest album’ What Defines You’. With an array of songs, they have really showcased what they are capable of with this new music.

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IMMINENCE Release New Single and Music Video

I was not ready for this release and I cannot tell you enough how much I love this song. The video is simple, the music is phenomenal and the lyrics are heart wrenching. ‘Lighthouse’ is amazing and is just making more and more excited for the release of their upcoming album!

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ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN Release Their Second Full-Length Album | Review

On the 29th of March, Canadian metal band Arrival of Autumn are set to release their second full-length album ‘Harbinger’. To tide us over for the next few days, they have gifted us with a lyric video to the single which is called ‘witness’.

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Interview with Threatpoint

Threatpoint is a groove metal band based in Pennsylvania. The four piece band formed in early 2012, now they have three full length albums and have played hundred of shows across the US. Threatpoint talked about coming together, their love of music and the difficulties in live performances.

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Interview with Maxdmyz

Maxdmyz are a five-piece metal band based in London. The band are well established on the UK scene, having built up a reputation for brilliant live performances and innovative and original alternative metal. They took the time to answer some of my questions; we spoke about dream tours, future goals and their influences.

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